WSL Waikato WTP - Tuakau

A good portion of Auckland's Water Supply comes from the Waikato River. This plant has been upgraded to increase supply from 75 million litres per day (MLD) to 150MLD. It now supplies many of the smaller councils recently amalgamated into Auckland City. We completed our original work and early 2015 completed Stage 3a Phase 2. The latest work is to replace the remaining ~700kw Variable Speed Drives on the Raw Water and High Lift Pumps and to assist WSL with Hazardous Area compliance issues.

Stage 3a Phase 2 was for the installation of an additional Centrifuge and its related sludge handling equipment, pumps, instrumentation, actuators etc. A new Hypochlorite make-up System, improvements to the clarifiers and new lighting around the site and Bio Filter blowers.


The original project was for a complete new "train", from a new 700kw Raw Water Pump with its own transformer, through the membrane filters, dosing, desludging etc. through to a new 700kw Treated water Pump and transformer. New buildings etc.

The head contractor was Perry Civil. The project is complete. It finished on time on budget. As a significant extension to the plant it was good for a number of our younger guys to get up to speed with a wide range of specialised equipment.