Rebuild of Waimanu Pump Station

This is an existing Pump Station containing 4x 560kW - 3.3kV Pumps. There are 2 MCC's feeding 2 pumps each. There is a 3.3kV Genset for each set of pumps and a 3.3kV Power factor correction unit.

MCC1 has been upgraded with new soft starters and an additional 1mVA 3.3kV step down, supply transformer. The new MCC, MCC2  has been built and is on site ready for the next lot of shutdowns. The two 560kW pumps MCC2 feeds, are being replaced as well. The Gensets are in place. A temporary Switch board, fed from a temporary Genset will keep 3 pumps running during the next shut, replacement of MCC2.

When we are finished all four pumps will be able to run at the same time. The power supply can shut down but the pump station will continue to produce water for Tamavua Water Treatment Plant