Kiwi Rail

Getting a clear, safe track to work on, and awareness of the electrification, present different H&S and compliance issues when working with Kiwi Rail.

AEP Screens Earthing and Bonding. This project was to bond metal work and safety screens as part of the electrification of the Auckland Rail Network. Bridge screening is required to reduce the hazard of electrocution to people on overbridges crossing the railway. The Auckland Electrification Project provides a 25 kV overhead traction system bounded by Papakura in the south, Swanson in the west and Britomart in central Auckland. This work is on-going. We are working with the Fulton Hogan John Holland Joint Venture.

Point Resolution Footbridge runs between the Parnell baths and Tamaki Drive. Just tricky from the logistics point of view, tricky to install LED lights above a working railway track. It looks great.

Worked with Hawkins Infrastructure on this one.


Grafton Railway Station was completed in 2010 we worked with Fulton Hogan, for Kiwi Rail. LED Lighting backed up on a large UPS.  This station was different from the previous railway stations built in Auckland with LED lighting being used for the first time. LED lighting while expensive to install consumes much less power and is very low maintenance. The low power allows much of the station lighting to be fed from a UPS so that during a power failure there will be more than adequate light.   This project has been nominated for awards, was completed on Budget and on time.