WSL Project Hobson Pump Station

In August 2010 at the New Zealand Contractor's Federation annual conference in Nelson, Project Hobson was announced as a joint winner, of the 2010 Hirepool Construction Award for projects with a value of greater than $20M. We are proud to have been a part of this project.


The head contractor was Fletcher Construction.

The installation was for of 6 x 600kW High Lift Pumps, pumping from the Auckland CBD to Mangere WWTP for Watercare Services.

This job was different due to the size of everything. With each pump having its own 1000kVA transformer. 3x 400mm cables were run per phase to each of these motors.


The depth of the well caused many health and safety issues which were all well dealt with by full co-operation between Fltechers and all of the sub contractors.