Genesis Energy LPG to SNG. Huntly Power Station

This was a project to convert LPG to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG), for Genesis Energy, at the Huntly Power Station.

The Generator boilers are ignited using Natural Gas. Should the supply pipeline fail, there would be no means of igniting the boilers.

This was an interesting project for us as the equipment supplied from the US was generally non compliant, with NZ or IEC hazardous area standards. Providing a finished product that did comply took some time.

Our scope was to supply the controls and equipment necessary to enable loading and discharge of the LPG Tanks, connect all of the free issue SNG Plant, connect all of the control systems to the Plant DCS system for SCADA remote control, program our PLC, employ ABB to connect to the plant, and finally to make the plant compliant  producing the required Hazardous area dossier.