Road, Bridge and Park Lighting

We have been undertaking a number of projects in the Auckland Area on Parks, Bridges and Roading. Some examples are below.

Current Projects: Mt Albert Link Bridge, Wynyard Quarter and Meyers Park. These are up and running.

Point Resolution Footbridge runs between the Parnell baths and Tamaki Drive. Just tricky from a logistics point of view, tricky to install the LED lights and hide the wiring into a skinny handrail above a working Railway Track. It looks great.

O'Connell Street is in downtown Auckland. Working with the local retailers and cafes to ensure ease of access with minimal noise was one of the main issues here. All are very pleased with the final result as shown in the pictures below.

Grafton Cycleway Footbridge. Finnicky work but all done. Looks great.

Nelson Street Cycleway, Waitemata Plaza, Otara Town Centre. Are all complete There are getting to be lots of them.


Ormiston Rd Bridge Job for Manukau City. Meant as a show piece

We worked with Fulton Hogan on this Lighting project. A Parabolic Lighting system was installed. The project was logistically very difficult, concealing the cabling, getting wiring and light fittings on the top of the masts etc. There was a lot of working at heights.

The project won a NZ lighting award.