WSL Franklin WTP's

In 2011 with United water we installed Filter systems on 3 sites in Waiuku to remove Iron and Manganese from the water. This was full design and build. In early 2012 we installed a similar temporary plant at Pukekohe WTP. Designed by CPL.

In 2003 we completed the upgrade of the Hickeys Pump Station, CCT (Chlorine Contact Tank) and new High Lift Pumps.

This was for the installation of 3x 70kw pumps on DeviceNet, flow meters sensors etc, connected to the PLC extensions and Citec Scada via Telemetry to Council offices. We were responsible for the full electrical design.

Auto cad drawings and PLC programming was handled in House, Scada programming was sub contracted to Horizon Technologies.


We are recently completed upgrading the Spring Water system at Hickeys working with Robert Stone and a pumping station with Brown Brothers Drainage.


We continue to work with United Water (the Council contractors) on maintenance and operational problems with the existing plant.