WAF Water Supply Standby Generators

This contract was for the supply and installation of Standby Gensets and Automatic Transfer switches, for the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF). This project has gone a long way towards safeguarding Suva's Town Water supply. The project was completed in October 2012.

With the upgrades to the Treatment plants at Waila and Tamavua, that we completed in mid-2010 and now with the installation of the gensets, Suva's Town Water Supply is much more reliable
The Kohler generators were supplied by Rick Barnes of TransDiesel out of Auckland.

Generators and Automatic Transfer switches (ATS) installed:

  • Waila Water TP. 1x 1650Kva, 1x 1100Kva and 2x 1600amp ATS's
  • Wails Pumping Station. 1x 1100Kva and 1x 1600amp ATS
  • Savura Pumping Station 1x 1000Kva Genset and 1x 1600 amp ATS
  • Wainibuku Pumping Station 1x 550Kva and automate the existing ATS


As head contractor there was a big learning curve for us on this project. Agreeing a suitable contract with Water Authority was the first hurdle, then we had to set up letters of Credit between WAF and us, then us and Kohler. Then it had to work for both parties. As both were determinedly on their own paths, it took some doing. When all that was sorted we had to employ Civil contractors, find cranes big enough (In Fiji) to do the difficult lifting and of course then just the Sparkie stuff, up to 2000 amp mains, ATS's and so on..
The project is complete with the generators doing their job throughout cyclone Evan.