WSL Army Bay Wastewater Plant

Mid 2010 completed installing a Sindico Gravity Belt Thickener with all of the related controls. We were nominated for this contract as we have good knowledge of the plant requirements and the equipment being installed.

In 2009 we completed the installation of a new Alpha Laval Centrifuge and related equipment.

In January 2006 we completed an upgrade of the SBR's (Sequential Batch Reactors) and related equipment. This contract was design and build. It was the first of "larger" contracts we have been awarded. We were the head contractor. This job very much helped us to confirm our reputation as "Infrastructure electricians"

The contract was for;

· The upgrade of existing controls for the DAF tanks, Centrifuges, ATAD's, PLC and MCC in both the main control area and the Discharge Pump station.

· The installation of 1x new SBR and the complete rewire of the 2 existing SBR's. All of the work was new and included a new 750KVA MCC, Control Panel, Power Factor Correction, instrumentation, Fire and VESDA alarms etc. The 5 aeration blowers are controlled by 132Kw Power flex VSD's.

The specification supplied instrumentation and motor schedules. All electrical line and layout drawings (225 A3 Drawings) and complete PLC I/O, cable and Switch Board schedules were produced in house