WSL North Shore WWTP

We have undertaken extensive works at Rosedale Waste Water Treatment Plant since 2002.

Inlet Works Stage 5

We entered into a design and build consortium with Fulton Hogan, SKM and Service Engineers. SKM designed the system and produced motor, instrument and valve schedules and a functional description. The balance of the design was completed in house by Current Electrical (145 A3 Drawings). We looked after the PLC programming in conjunction with Production Logistics (PLNZ). The contract was for a new Logstrup MCC, Citect HMI, an extension to the Control Panel, Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC etc. All MCC's at NSWW are manufactured by Lynn Electrical

The Inlet works has doubled in size, new screens, Washpactors, Grit Traps, PST's etc, with extensive upgrades to the existing Plant.

Mid 2010 we completed installing Gravity Belt Thickeners and related equipment at NSWW.  Beca generated some schedules and generic drawings. We Generated the For Construction set from these.

The larger projects undertaken @NSCC Wastewater Treatment Plant include:

  • Upgrade of Biosolids (De-watering) Plant. Installation of 2 new and moving 2 existing centrifuges, pumps flow meters etc. On this project we produced the SFC's and programmed the Allen Bradley PLC5, setting up the interfaces necessary for the Citec Scada.
  • Digester 1 and 2 upgrade with Service Engineers.
  • Installation of a third DAF Tank with Wool Products.
  • Peak Flow Contract with Service Engineers and Fulton Hogan
  • Thickeners Contracts with Service Engineers and Fulton Hogan.
  • Installation of UV Plant with Wedeco.
  • Installation of Cell Lysis with Flo Dry.

This link leads to some sample drawings for NSWW