Dunlop Bedding

Dunlop Bedding has been brought out by Sleepmaker and closed down. We USED TO do the electrical work for Dunlop Bedding.

One of the main projects undertaken for Dunlop was the Glue Line. This project was complete design and build of the electrical and control systems. All done in house. A Rockwell ML1500 PLC communicates to 30 Variable Speed Drives via SM2 communication Modules.  A touch screen allows manual operation of the plant, setting of production parameters etc.

Using conveyors and sensors we measure the size of quilts, foam underlay's etc and automatically apply glue. This allows the correct amount of glue to be applied without any wastage.

A series of sensors give indication of the position of the mattress's. If the glue line is full. Extra mattress's are stored into the stacker, until required.

The glue line went into Service about 4 years ago and is running well.


We took and old Greibitz Quilter that was constantly breaking down and using Servo Motors to generate X, Y, Z axis, wrote G code to allow patterns to be sewn onto the mattress quilts. This was a very cost effective solution. Saved the client a considerable amount with the quilter still running well 6 years after the rebuild.


There are many other pieces of equipment rebuilt by us at Dunlop Bedding.

Sample Drawings