General Work

We have numerous Industrial and Commercial Clients

  • We have undertaken¬†the electrical work for Waldrons Confectionary for many years. Scotty Melville is the best customer ever !
  • Installed Intellution Scada's on extrusion lines, installing the extra PLC's required to collect data, supplying and wiring the appropriate interfaces to all of the ancillary equipment. Developed all of the software for the Scada, PLC's, "WinWedge" communication port drivers for the RS422-232¬† links to temperature controllers and batching machines, SQL links to the Access databases, DDE links as required, set up all of the networking to the office system and Plant TV.

We are system Integrators for Rockwell and automate a all sorts of equipment,

  • Automated Animal feed blenders for Image Holdings
  • Automated a caustic dye Stripping Plant for Fletcher Aluminium.
  • Worked with Wedeco manufacturing Control Potable Water and Tertiary Treatment Panels.
  • Much more