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Current Electrical has been in business since 2000, and on the 1st of April 2013, Current Electrical joined the Service Engineers group of companies (SEL), becoming Current Electrical 2013 Ltd. Current Electrical 2013 Ltd is an industry leader in Industrial contracting, specialising in Infrastructure, Automation and Control.
With services that range from Consultancy, Engineering, Software Development to Electrical Design and Installation.


Current Electrical (Fiji) was also part the merger and was formed in 2010 to undertake work for Water Authority Fiji. In mid 2013 we merged our Fijian Company with Service Engineers Fijian Company and we are now jointly called Current Electrical and Mechanical (Fiji) Ltd "CEMF".

We have completed the upgrades to both Waila and Tamavua WTPs (in Suva), Nagado WTP (in Nadi), installed a number of large generators and are currently working on the Kinoya WWTP upgrades and a number of other smaller projects.

Current Electrical works can be broken down into 4 main areas; Installation of Industrial and Commercial projects, Design, either from scratch, working with the client, or detailing a project specified by consultants. Automation of Greenfields or existing sites. Maintenance of Industrial machinery and Commercial properties.

We put a lot on time into Health and Safety and now qualify for the ACC Workplace Safety Discounts. and  Site Wise Green Status