In 2008 we installed a Slag Plant at Pacific Steel. This plant takes slag left over from the production of steel and turns it into a product used for painting on roads as an anti slip coating

The full design was in house. A new 500KVA supply, The control system was via a Compact Logix PLC.

There were 18 motors varying in size up to 185kw. Device net was used to communicate to remote operator stations and controls.

Other project for Winstones include;

  • Hunua Quarry, Blending Bins project. This was for a new MCC, PLC wiring to new motors etc.
  • Hellensville Sand Plant, new conveyor system.
  • Duo-mix plant moved from Downtown to Flat Top (Kaukopakopa) Quarry.
  • Cameron's Quarry. Plant moved from Hamilton to Te Puke.