We are a turnkey provider of Industrial Automation and Electrical Systems. As Rockwell Automation Integrators we use mostly Allen Bradley PLC's, Touch Screens, Variable Speed Drives etc.

Whether it be a project which requires a full SCADA and Historical package, linking to a number of PLC's, or a small project requiring a few relays and contactors, we have the recourses and skills to meet the project requirements.

  • POAL Gangway

    The ships keep getting bigger and so do the gangways. This new gangway, when connected to a docked ship, automatically rises and falls with the tide. An Allen Bradley Control System, Screen and VSD’s ensures smooth operation. The gangway travels up and Down princess Wharf using a generator, when in position it connects to shore power. Compliance and safety have been a very important part of the project. The head contractor was Service Engineers and the Consultant BECA.

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  • Dunlop Bedding

    Dunlop Bedding has been brought out by Sleepmaker and closed down. We USED TO do the electrical work for Dunlop Bedding.

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  • Genesis Energy LPG to SNG. Huntly Power Station

    This was a project to convert LPG to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG), for Genesis Energy, at the Huntly Power Station.

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  • Marina Lock. Downtown Auckland

    These lock gates are located in the marina which is bordered by the Sofatel Hotel and Lighter Quay apartments, Halsey Street, downtown Auckland.

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