Hazardous Areas

A number of our staff have completed training to obtain the competencies for working in electrically hazardous areas. Units 17054, 17056, 17058 & 17059. This allows us to design, install and maintain equipment in areas where gas is present.


We recently completed a project for Genesis Energy for a plant converting LPG to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). This work is very specialised with an extensive knowledge of the relevant standards required.


As Wastewater Treatment Plants generate methane & other digester gasses these competencies are very important to allow us to be compliant with the relevant standards.



  • Genesis Energy LPG to SNG. Huntly Power Station

    This was a project to convert LPG to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG), for Genesis Energy, at the Huntly Power Station.

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  • WSL Rosedale CoGen Plant Upgrade

    This was for the replacement of the existing Gas Generator with a 1900kVA Caterpillar generator and provision of a biogas treatment plant for removal of H2S, siloxanes, water and particulates contaminants from the biogas prior to the new biogas engine.

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  • Weston Milling Capacty Upgrade

    Weston Milling has increased the storage of it's Milling Plant in Otahuhu Auckland from some 9,000 to 13,500 tonnes. This means 5 new Silos and all new Conveyors. (The shiny ones on the right hand side of the banner....) Weston have taken the opportunity to replace the MCC, the entire transport control system, much of the cable support systems and the General Power and Lighting. We started on this project early 2015 and finished it early 2016. The client is happy :)

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