Current Electrical & Mechanical (Fiji) Ltd

In addition to the initial WTP upgrades we have installed a 4th tube settler Clarifier at Waila WTP and Sludge settling systems at both plants.

For this project we entered into a consortium with Fletchers Pacific and Service Engineers. The client is Water Authority Fiji (WAF). To operate in Fiji we had to form a new company. Current Electrical (Fiji) Ltd. We subcontracted Production Logistics (PLNZ) to write the PLC and SCADA Code. The MCC's were built by Lynn Electrical

The contract was for two Water treatment Plants (WTP's) Waila, Tamavua and Waila Pump Station. All 3 of these sites have been completely re-furbished, and in most cases re-wired. It was quite a task to ensure that Suva did not run dry, except for major planned shutdowns, with these 2 plants supplying all of the city's water.

Harrison Grierson designed the process, McMahon Engineering Consultants specified the electrical requirements, supplied Generic drawings and some schedules. We generated the rest of the schedules and 412 A3 drawings

At Waila WTP There are 6 High Lift pumps sending the treated water into Suva, with a total load 2,060 kW. Then there is of course the plant itself. 7 sand filters and all of the PLC / SCADA / MCC's etc required to run the plant

Waila Pump station has 5x 160kW Pumps. Each pump on a VSD to regulate the flow to the Treatment plant via Serck Telemetry.

Tamavua WTP is very similar to Waila WTP but being on the Hills above Suva is without the High Lift pumps

Sample High Lift Pump wiring drawing available here

Sample Waila SLD here